Mike, I cannot thank you enough for getting me back on track! Teaching me the simple things of life that I have forgotten over the last couple of years, made my life more energetic and less stressful again. During a prolonged period of study pressure, sleep difficulties and stress, it had to take its toll one day, which resulted in a breakdown with accompanying panic attacks and living in a world of anxiety, fear and insecurity. By not knowing where it all comes from makes life frightening. With your help, I learned where anxiety and most important panic attacks are coming from. You learned me how to deal with the panic attacks when you have them and how to correct your breathing while having one. Furthermore, you learned me to think more positive and look at things on the bright side and to focus on the present instead of the past. By showing me all the basic things of life, which I forgot during the last couple of years, I’m living happier & healthier with more sleep and less stress again. Thanks again for all the support you have given me