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Community Stress Management

Stress is now considered to be a 21st century health issue, which most leading health experts see as an affliction of modern society.  Although this is correct in many respects, in reality however, the causes of stress are multifactorial.  Nonetheless, in the UK stress effects are responsible for over half of reported physical illnesses and mental breakdowns.  Moreover, this is not just within the UK, but within a Global context.  In the USA, for instance, some state schools and colleges now have stress management for wellness studies, as a core subject in their curriculum.

Stress Management Workshops:

These are aimed at people who frequently experience stress, such as arranged groups for private and public organisations and general public. 

Participants will learn how to take control of everyday issues and challenges, find solutions to problems, plan ahead, be more assertive, improve confidence, accept the things they cannot change and  focus on what they can.  This develops strong resilient to stress.

Workshops include presentations specific to each group, incorporating flare, passion, humour and various stress management activities.  As a guide, workshops will generally include the following:

  • What stress is and why we get stressed.
  • Understand about different personality types & vulnerability to stress.
  • How attitudes and beliefs contribute to stress.
  • Understand about the importance of social interaction.
  • More awareness about signs & symptoms of stress.
  • The impact stress can have on us physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Understand the importance of adequate nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation techniques.
  • Devise a personal stress management action plan to help minimise the harmful effects of stress.

Other group work themes catered for:

  • Relationship difficulties e.g. at home, work, school/college, or other.
  • Loneliness and feeling isolated.
  • Bullying at school,college, work, or other.

Signs and symptoms of stress can include any one or more of the following:

  • feeling anxious, paranoid and frightened.
  • difficulty with concentration.
  • low self-worth, energy and motivation.
  • intrusive images and thoughts.
  • frequent sleeplessness.
  • frequent frustration & anger.
  • feeling overwhelmed from too much pressure, or emotional conflicts.
  • difficulties with time management.
  • stress because of weight management.
  • tension headaches.
  • muscular pain and tension in lower back, shoulders and neck.
  • frequent cold, or flu symptoms.
  • forgetfulness and easily irritated.
  • reduced confidence.
  • negative thinking.
  • procrastinating.
  • comfort eating.
  • nervous tics.
  • Intimacy difficulties.
  • tightness, or pain in chest.
  • constant lump in the throat, palpitations, or thumping heart beat.
  • irritable bowel syndrome & indigestion.
  • changes in menstrual pattern.
  • excessive sweating & skin complaints.

Please note that some of the signs & symptoms above may not be stress related, therefore, one  or group participants  may need to consult their G.P first.

If you are responsible for a particular group of people who often feel stressed, please get in touch.  My stress management workshops will be an invaluable learning experience.  Your group will gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed in tackling root causes of stress and stressful situations.  They will also learn how to manage and harness stress for optimum health, success and happiness.

Workshops can be tailored to suit your exact requirements and time frame.  For instance, a theme can be devised to run for one to two hours, or a half to full day event. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon so we can discuss your   requirement and any questions.

Whatever the stress, we can learn to stress less!

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