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Corporate Stress Management

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\”Why is it so important that organisations manage stress at work\”?

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\”Positive action combined with positive thinking results in success\” (Shiv Khera)

Stress management programmes have a significant positive impact on employees\’ and organisation alike. For instance, at the employee level, programmes can help improve physical and psychological health and work performance.  This promotes greater positivity and cohesion amongst staff, which collectively reduce  staff sickness absence and turnover rates (leaving the organisation).  At the organisational level, this inevitably leads to an increase in productivity and company profit.

What I can do for you:

Provide support with the following:

*Identifying causes of stress

*Recognising signs and symptoms of stress

*Improving work-life balance

*Issues with presenteeism (see below)

*Reducing sickness and absenteeism

* Low employee morale

*Interpersonal relationship difficulties

* Reduced performance and productivity

* Conflict e.g. bullying, or personality clash

*Communication and Leadership skills

* Role conflict

* Improving social support(work & environmental)

* Reducing staff turnover

* Work design issues

* Communicating change

* Building dynamic customer/client relationships.

* HSE Stress audit & analysis tool

* HSE stress intervention policies & guidelines.

An important Point!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE), recommends that all organisations should undertake a work-related stress assessment (WRS), in order to manage workplace stress.  This is a legal requirement and the consequences of not complying to the HSE guidelines for managing employee stress within your organisation could prove very costly.  So don\’t just dismiss any signs and symptoms of stress in your staff, or this thing called \’STRESS\’ could come back to bite you in more ways than one!

Specific Support for Supervisors/Managers:

  • How to be healthier, happier, more motivated and productive, for self and team success. 
  • How to be a better manager/leader.
  • Resolving conflict for greater business success through effective communication skill and work culture assessment.
  • Promoting enthusiasm and motivation to make business policies more effective e.g. stress, absence, performance and wellness policies)
  • Assessing the current company status in view of reappraisal and improved productivity.
  • Providing ongoing support to facilitate policy changes for continued business structure improvements
  • Helping staff increase resilience to working demands and how to balance work/life pressure
  • Issues with presenteeism

What is Presenteeism?

Presenteeism is another important concept to consider regarding workplace stress and can be defined as, \” A loss of workplace productivity resulting from employee health problems and/or personal issues\”. For instance, an employee may be experiencing external sources of stress, from personal difficulties, or coming to work feeling unwell with cold,or flu symptoms. This can result in both under performance and likelihood of mistakes being made by the stressed employee\’, as well as creating stress for other staff.   

Like absenteeism, presenteeism costs  employers money and  can even be more costly than absenteeism, because the unproductive employee may detract from co-workers\’ performance as well.  In the case of a physically sick employee who shows up to work, the cost of that employee’s illness is likely to spread to other workers.  Further, some staff may feel resentment and anger towards an employee who comes to work, for instance, with a heavy cold, from fear of catching it.   Conversely, the employee who attends work unwell may be less tolerant and easily irritated to towards other employees\’, thus potentially creating negative feelings among co-workers and subsequent stress.  

Companies must forfeit the loss of productivity from presenteeism, in addition to lost time from sick days, holidays and other forms of employee absence.

Why choose me?

This is simple. I’m not your average ‘milk-round\’ speaker, who only wants to do only what they feel they\’ve got to and flee; \’I love what I do and thats making a real difference to employee well-being and organisational success\’.

I\’m passionate about human stress and the complexity of how it can affect people in different ways.  Stress management is an ongoing process; it\’s absolutely fundamental for employee health and non-negotiable.   Evidence from decades of research is clear: \’High-level workplace stress costs companies dearly, from absenteeism, loss of productivity and profit\’.

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you really have made a difference, which is always evident from such positive employee and management feedback.

My presentations are attention-grabbing to all employees, because they are full of flare and passion, and focus specifically on common stress-related work issues.  Themes are relevant and specific to company goals and stress management policies and include group activities.  Themes can also be tailor-made to suit your exact requirements.

Don\’t put off till next week what you can do now….Get in touch today!

Make your workforce feel happier, healthier, contented and more secure at work and they will feel more included, important and \’a part of the family\’. This will promote greater effort, loyalty and commitment from staff, which is so relevant, even vital, for any company to maintain maximum productivity, profit and success.

Ultimately, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got; it’s as simple as that.  So do something new for your staff now and begin the steps to greater success.

Please don\’t hesitate in contacting me for any advice, or enquiries regarding workplace stress management, to see how I can support you and/or your organisation.
Looking forward to speaking with you soon!….and remember…

Whatever the stress, we can all learn to stress less!

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